Who We Are

Our History
The history of Central Baptist Church began when Dr. John W. Rawlings, who then was pastor of the Central Baptist Church in Tyler, became burdened for the city of Lindale. For about one year, John Rawlings conducted Street Meetings in Lindale. On Friday, September 24th, 1943, he organized this church. On the following Sunday, September 26th, the Church called Ray Kennedy as the First Pastor.

We are reminded of a portion of Scripture that says, "...and having done all to stand, stand therefore." Through the years this church has determined to stand as an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing Baptist Church that awaits the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. And while awaiting His return, the Church has determined to reach souls around Lindale and throughout the world.

"Missions" has been the heart and pulse beat of our Church. We believe that honoring the Great Commission and spreading the Gospel around the world is the thing nearest to the heart of God. We believe that if a church will reach to the regions beyond that the Lord will abundantly bless that Church. And we as a Church have experienced those blessings.

Pastors of Central Baptist Church
Rev. Ray Kennedy
Sept. 1943 - May 1946
Rev. Hugh Adkisson
May 1946 - May 1947
Rev. George Norsworthy
June 1947 - Jan. 1948
Rev. Hercey Matlock
May 1948 - June 1949
Rev. R. A. Dorsey
July 1949 - March 1952
Rev. J. C. Shuttlesworth
April 1952 - April 1953
Rev. Gordon Lincoln
June 1953 - May 1955
Rev. Porter McDougal
June 1955 - July 1956
Rev. Harvey Theriot
Sept. 1956 - July 1957
Rev. Wayne Smith
Sept. 1957 - Aug. 1959
Rev. C. I. Rogers
Sept. 1959 - Jan. 1962
Rev. Wayne Smith
April 1962 - Oct. 1964
Rev. Ernest Worsham
Dec. 1964 - June 1966
Rev. James Faulkenberry
Sept. 1966 - March 1969
Rev. Bobby Freeman
May 1969 - Oct. 1970
Rev. Horace Cobb
Nov. 1970 - March 1973
Rev. Gale Galloway
April 1973 - June 2004
Rev. Byron Howard
June 2004 - Present
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